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Destination X
Scott woke up in a cold sweat once again.His long scraggly black hair was stuck to his
forehead,and he wiped his face in the pillow as he turned around to look at the alarm clock which
now read 6.11am.Nineteen minutes to go,and then the usual blasting of radio four would rock the
room which would force him to get up because the alarm clock was so placed,that from where he
laid,he couldn't quite reach it,and scott hated the music that was played on radio four that time of
As he looked through the smoke stained window the sun could be seen on the horizon just as it
began to rise.No doubt it was a beautiful day out there,but the dirtiness of the window made the sky
look hazy,and the odd bird that flew past in the distance just looked like a blur to him.
Scott's nightmare's were getting stranger and stranger each night,and even though he knew he
had an important and trusted job to do each day,he would sometimes stay up all night reading book
after book and playing the old vintage arcade pinball game that he had shoved in the corner of his
Living in a single room on the top floor of an old apartment block suited him just fine.He was a
bit of a loner,and had everything he could ever want in this one twelve by fifteen foot room.Just a
stones throw away there were two chip shop's and a dominos pizza shop,which is where he would
often get his dinner from which was evident if you were to look at the floor of his room,which was
almost covered in chip wrappings and pizza boxes amongst other things.So much that you couldn't
see much of the wall to wall brown carpet.Every now and again he would venture into the shared
kitchen and bathroom,but obviously not to use the shower.
Having nineteen minutes left to sleep he turned back around and pulled the covers over his head
to shield him from the light.Those nineteen minutes seemed to go by like nineteen seconds,and
when the alarm clock did go off,even under the covers he could clearly hear some piano concerto
being played at full volume,that signified time to wake up and ready for another challenging day at
It was difficult to tell where his nightmare's ended and reality began,because to him,in each
nightmare it felt like someone or something was calling him and he had no control in either.But two
cups of coffee and forty five minutes later as he left for work he had forgotten everything.
Like any other day scott was dreading going to work this morning.He was a bus driver for the
san antonio school.His daily route only took him on a six kilometre round trip,but to him it felt
more like six hundred kilometre's as he did the fifteen minute trip in the morning and the afternoon
each day.In between he would do little else except go back to his room and read his science fiction
and horror stories that made him forget about the world around him.It was his getaway which until
now,kept him on the right side of sanity.
"Only another twenty five year's to go.Then i can retire." He said as he scooted around the room
looking through each pizza box,looking for that one slice of pizza that he didn't finish last night.
He was due to pick his bus up from frogmore street bus station at 7.30am.Every morning he
would be late to clock in,which didn't go unnoticed,and the several final warning letters for his
lateness were beginning to mount up on the apartment entrance floor,now kicked into a mounting
pile destined never to be opened,by him at least.
This morning he just managed to clock in on time,and now stood on his bus,he walked up and
down the aisle a couple of times to check its cleanliness.Not that he liked a clean bus,but because he
had several complaints from the children who ridden his bus.
The bus station that morning was busier than ever as it was friday morning and more bus's had
been drafted in to cater for the weekend baseball game that was to be held at the millenium stadium.
Scott turned the key and surprisingly the bus started first time,which was unusual because he
drove one of the older bus's in the fleet and it usually needed a little persuasion to wake up.As he