Desperate Choices


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Rochelle Rathbone flirts with danger when she accidentally meets Tobias Chandler, Miami drug czar; thus, setting the stage for horrors she never knew existed until after they married. Innocent and vulnerable, she becomes his prisoner. She devises a desperate plan and successfully escapes, despite his threat to kill her if she does. She meets and falls in love with Michael Matheson, knowing Tobias will come after her. She realizes there are only two things that will stop him from pursuing her—her death or his...


A really "holding" book. Hard to put down. Wonderfully done.


Fast moving and kept me wanting more, keep up the good work


I liked most of this book- sex scenes a bit long- but thought if Rochelle was really trying to hide why the hell would she buy a house and make herself so obvious by flaunting her money in a small town? it's just like advertising 'I'm here' & a 5 year old could locate her easily!


This book was very exciting and the plot was well thought of. The only thing I didn't care much for was the language in some of the scenes was a bit rough!

judi hensby

A must read. I enjoyed your novel so much I'm looking for more. Please keep writing for us. xxx


A very lovely read, this would make a lovely movie one day. Some spelling and gramma errors here and there but can be easily overlooked. Touching story indeed.


A very enjoyable book, hard to put down, needed to keep reading. Would certainly read more from this author.

Taif Shams

Story was good but too much torture was nauseating for me...

Dr. Zaki Ghazalli

Nice story. Good companion for my commuter train ride to work. As the plot thickened I couldn't put it down.


Really enjoyed this book


Very long and boring in parts. Needs severe edit, but enjoyed the story

Pentti Grant

I liked the book more than disliked it. The first 2/3 of the story was good but then things got a bit wild when Michael went to Miami to rescue Rochelle. Also, I thought there was a bit too much sex and their behavior after the rescue was unreal.

Brandi Goodman

Couldn't put it down!


loved this one, couldnt stop reading it, intense and thrilling and touchingly honest

Leon Graham

Absolutly one of the best books that I have read in a long time. Could not put it down until I finished it. Looking forward to reading more of Mrs. Coopers books


Fast paced and easy read. Pretty graphic on the abuse!


wonderfully written...a perfect combo of romance n thriller

luisa de fanti

Could not put the book down until I was finished. I am looking for more of mrs cooper's books.


I really enjoyed this story. It was really easy to visualise the characters.


Great read! Fast read too!


Wonderful. Full of suspense & true to life events. I for one can relate to some of it in my own life. While reading some parts of the book I was reliving certain events of my own life. It was so powerful that my heart was racing. Don't like remembering such events of my life. Good book, good ending, sex was a little to heavy for me. Worth reading. Can't wait to read Ms. Coopers other books.


It was hard to put the book down. The author does a great job of keeping you glued to the pages. So much of the story is totally true life - isn't it just like a man to blame the woman for having been raped. It really angered me, Michael's "jealousy" that Rochelle slept with her husband. What a jerk! Michael knew what an abusive man Tobias was; in fact, he was there when Tobias FORCEFULLY abducted her! Michael was shot by this man for the love of mike! And, Rochelle stood between he and Tobias so Tobias couldn't finish him off. For Michael to then have a jealous fit because she 'submitted' to this man is the real clue to his true character. He will end up being just as controlling over Rochelle as Tobias; perhaps not as abusive, but equally controlling. Next "true life" point of the book: isn't is just like a woman to totally forgive the jerk.


The other comments are right - it is impossible to put this book down! :)


Great book, easy to read, interesting characters, and good story.


Love the story, keeps the interest going from page to page could not put the book down before the end.

Lola Boriza

a good read, the prose is good... touchy

Ieva Strupisa

Couldn't stop reading it.


the best mystery I've read in a long time!


This book had a lot of adventure and I enjoyed it very much.


Good story but a little too much lovey-dovey.

Patricia Heitfield

Great book, loved it.

Benjamin Cohen

I enjoyed the book very much, I hardly could put it down


Well written book, one of those you don't want to stop reading, you want to keep going until you finish it.

Dionne Watson

Just by reading the preview I cant wait to read the entire thing.


I really enjoyed this book, I love your writing style.

Sharyn Knox

This was very well written. I started it and couldn't walk away from it. Finished it in 5 hours.

Jimmy Mann

A real page turner; I couldn't break away once I started reading.


LOVE this book! Awesome read ... hard to take your eyes away ~ intriguing!


Fantastic book, cannot be kept away till you finish it !!


OMG I finished it in one day. It was so amazing!

Bea Dava

Engaging. As others have previously mentioned, when I started reading it, it was hard to put down.

Liesl Engels

once i started reading i just could not put it down. i really enjoyed it!

Toni Brisco

First time I've read a Jeanette Cooper book, but won't be the last. Read this in under a week. brilliant

Dimo Dimov

Dear Mrs. Jeanette Cooper,Take my congratulations especially for the book, Desperate Choices’’. As a Bulgarian who read books at English I can not see misspelling mistakes or anything wrong in the structure of the sentences even if somebody could find some of them. I have read a lot of books at English and most of them written by great English writers. I can dare say that like never before I started reading this book and couldn’t stop until I finished it. That happened only ones in all of my reading life-when I was reading a book by Thomas Hardy. I want to apologize if you see mistakes in my sentences. Great book! Thanks again. Dimo Dimov/male/


If you look past the repetitions and misspelled words, the plot is good and the whole story keeps you guessing. Really enjoyed it, thank you.

Linn Caruana

this book is great. i could not stop reading. i would love to read more books from this author. once again amazing

Shannon Carlton

I'm not a big reader, this book caught my attention as soon as I started reading it and it was absolutely hard for me to find a stopping point. I absolutely LOVED this book


could not put it down

Marlene Jones

great read from start to finish


i enjoyed reading this book


Jeanette Cooper

Jeanette Cooper, a native Georgian, a former elementary school teacher, graduate of University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Reading instruction, is mother of a son, grandmother of a grandson, and lives in North Florida near the Suwannee River. Jeanette enjoys walking, reading, cooking, and gardening, but her greatest pleasure comes from writing and watching characters come alive as they interact with one another in adventurous life-like dramas that motivate reading pleasure. Her latest romantic suspense novels are Passionate Promise, Vulnerable to Deceptive Love, Stripped of Dignity and Someone Wants Her Dead. Jeanette loves to hear from her readers, and invites you to contact her through her web site at:

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