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Website Design the Latest Trends
The advent of Internet marks the beginning of history of web designing. Tim Burners
Lee, the founder of Internet took the initiative to upload the first page on the web server.
Since then a web page with a single document evolved itself to complicated combination
of codes and designs. The first page on the web was a document created with black text.
Later in 1990, text effects were added to the pages and colors were also used for page
The Internet boom enhanced the evolution of web design. Every few years the trend of
web design changes. Once the web pages came out from the confinement of black text, a
number of colors came to be used which actually caused distraction of the users from the
original products. Use of crammed information on web pages soon made the readers
Soon afterwards, use of HTML, DHTML and Flash for designing web pages became a
trend. At that time, table based layouts were in vogue. But since the complicated web
pages involved writing many codes, very soon Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) came to be
used to ease this problem.
A mature and professional get up of web sites is what readers prefer. Use of more
content and comparatively lesser designs on web pages is the modern trend of web
design. The visitors seek sufficient information related to the products rather than getting
irritated or distracted by web designs.
Recently a number of trends have been adopted for web design. Some of the popular
ones are as follows:
Silver Orange Style - this style is simple and easy to handle. The designs do not
employ too many colors.
Web Desktop Style - this is one of the latest trend employed for web designing.
This type of web designing is quite expensive.
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