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With this type of layout all the elements on the web page cannot be controlled.
This layout may cause disturbance in the display of textual content at times. It can
result to too wide view or to too small view creating problem in reading them.
Now let us find out some of the benefits of using fixed width layout for web designing:
This kind of layout does not cause any hindrance in reading textual parts even if it
is viewed in a too wide browser. The scan length is neither affected.
Browsers that are used to view web pages designed with fixed width layouts do not
affect this kind of layout.
The graphics and the images used on web pages of a site, when designed with
fixed width layout do not tend to over power the textual contents on the page,
even when viewed on a small monitor.
The drawbacks of using fixed width layouts for web design are mentioned here:
In case of small browser windows, the web pages designed with fixed width layout
will cause scrolling in a horizontal direction. This is a major drawback which users
find very inconvenient.
The web pages designed with this layout are not very flexible towards font sizes. It
can deal with slight increase in font size but cannot handle major changes.
In large monitors, this layout results in covering the white space. This makes
vertical scrolling necessary for the web pages.
There are many web designers who opt for a mixed approach towards web designing. If
one has clear knowledge about both of the web layout designs then he can efficiently use
either of them or both together for designing web pages.
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