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Layout Design
The content to be posted on a web site and the way they will be organized determine
the layout design of a site. Nowadays, a page layout for a web site can be created
without even the knowledge of HTML or any similar software. There are many tools that
ease the task of lay out designing. Since the geometry of a web site is defined by web
page layout, it is essential to decide upon the content and its organization.
While creating layout for web site certain things should be kept in mind so as to make it
visually pleasing to the visitors. The fonts, colors, graphics and all other background
elements should be so chosen as not to cause any visual displeasure and at the same
time they are to be used aesthetically.
The choice and amalgamation of all the elements on a web page should create a
welcoming atmosphere to the visitors. The web designer should also be careful not to
use too many background elements, which will make the page look cluttered. The layout
design of a site should aid in easy navigation of the site. Surfers do not prefer a site that
is difficult to navigate and takes a lot of time to load. For faster loading of sites, thus file
size has to be limited.
While deciding the layout of a web page, it is advisable to use the whole space available.
While designing web pages, it is always better to use relatively sized layout sections. This
enables to fit the browser window by expanding or contracting as required. The
dimension of the web pages can be maintained by limiting the height and width of the
While designing layout for web pages the text width is also to be considered. Usually the
visitors are used to read about 7 to 11 words per line. If the lines of the paragraphs are
shortened or lengthened it will cause discomfort in reading.
Use of too many animations and graphics make the web pages cluttered and difficult to
read. Thus images are to be used keeping in mind the page layout. It is advisable to
align the images, to be used on web page. A sensible balance of text and graphics on the
web pages will result in a good layout design.
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