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Flash Web Design

Flash is an application development program. This program is used to support interactive applications, sound and video files as well as any dynamic content on the web. Flash was introduced in the year 1996. Since its launch, the technology was a hit and welcomed by developers. It added interactivity and animation to the pages of website.

Programs like movies and games are also designed with Flash. With most of the web browsers this client application is easily accessible. Flash Macromedia supports both raster graphics and vector graphics. It also aids Action Script which is a scripting language.

Unlike other formats and core protocols on the Internet, Flash is not produced by a vendor-neutral standard organization. Compared to the open HTML format, Flash is more restrictive. Flash as an application development program is mostly preferred by graphic designers as this helps them to exercise control over the design. Flash also aids graphics animation.

One of the major features of Flash web design is that it supports the use of multimedia, graphics, texts along with videos. One of the advantages of using flash web design for vector graphics is that it uses files of very small size. Another notable feature of Flash web design is its interactivity. Flash enabled web sites also happen to be much more attractive than the ordinary HTML sites. Recently Flash is used to design the small tutorials that consist of self testing exercises and interactive images.

But for those websites which are rich in content, normal web design is preferred. The Flash enabled web designs take longer time to load than web pages with normal web designs. Thus those web sites that are not content based are ideal to have Flash based designs for their pages. But the alluring features of using Flash web designs mar its drawback.

Flash web design is a wonderful development and it can boost a web site with eye catching graphics, multimedia and other content. It is a technology of the new era and it enhances the popularity of a web site. From the marketing point of view, a commercial or personal web site is so designed to attract visitors. One of the keys to retain visitors on a web site is its web design beside rich content or information.