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Content of a web page consist of the texts, images, videos, audio files and animated texts or images. Good writing on web pages is an essential criterion which was not recognized in the earlier stages of web design. It was with Tim Berners – Lee that linking of documents on web pages started during 1950.

Web content comprises textual and non – textual elements on a web page. It has been observed that there are a number of users who actually spend time with the textual part of the web page. For the success of any web site, a well written and well edited content is indispensable.

A web site is not only about content of standard quality. But a web design must facilitate in finding the content of the site. The web design should also facilitate the readers in reading the content on the web page. To be more precise, web design incorporates content design. It matters a lot on how content is being laid on the web page. The web design needs to be user friendly so as the readers can find the relevant content and faces no hazards reading it.

The web design should thus be kept very simple keeping in mind the readers’ conveniences. Effective web writing has to be well placed with other non textual content on the web page. A web site with innovative yet simple web design will draw the attention of users. Enriched web content and user friendly navigation will help retain readers to a web site. Since textual content is integral part of a web page, marketing processes are also to be followed so as to get them higher rank for the pages and customize them for web crawlers and web users through search engine optimization.

A web designer may not be acquainted with the textual content and about its editing, but he has to design the web pages keeping in mind the readers. He has to take care to minimize the discomfort that is usually caused from on screen reading. The way a reader scans a web page for reading should be kept in mind and thus the web content should be organized accordingly.

The web content on a page requires sound evaluation and proper organization. First the necessary content is to be collected and they have to be arranged on the pages of the site. The web site planning has to be so as to aid the readers. Those particular contents on the web pages that are either not relevant or it is not serving the purpose of hosting and maintaining the site, should be removed.

For the convenience and requirements of audiences, the contents on the web pages are to be categorized. They are to be kept concise yet information rich. Each category should possess descriptive title. This title can be made links to connect to other relevant web pages. Rich web content is complementary to web design and hence a well planned content on a web site is reflective how user friendly and target audience specific it is. In a well organized web site the purpose or aim of maintaining the particular site is also served.