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Intense colors can be used on web pages. These kind of vibrant colors catch the
eyes very easily. But use of a number of intense colors causes distraction for users
and their attention is diverted to a number of elements.
Use of too many varied colors is to be avoided. Use of many colors at the same
time can cause visual jarring effect if the colors do not go well with each other or
While setting the color scheme for your web site, another important thing should
be kept in mind. It is advisable to avoid placing photographic images with intense
A balance between background and foreground colors is to be maintained on the
pages of a site. These two colors should provide ample contrast with each other.
While choosing color scheme for web pages, the designers should be aware of the
different connotations and significances the different colors indicate. The target
audiences for whom the site is designed should be kept in mind, as the different
colors may indicate different significance in two different cultures or among
different group of people. Preferences for colors vary not only from culture to
culture but from person to person. The preference for colors by the target readers
depends on gender, age differences, class etc.
The choice of intelligent and sound color scheme for web site can make your business,
whereas poor and clumsy use of colors for web pages can break your business.
Aesthetically designed web site is sure to be a hit and when visitors start coming back to
the site again and again, it is bound to achieve the pinnacle of success.
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