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The Use of Color in Web Design
One of the crucial parts of web design is choosing the right color(s) for the web pages.
Initially one may consider it to be a very light topic, but the success of a web site
depends highly on the choice of colors. Thus one should possess a sound knowledge
about color schemes while designing pages for web sites.
The online business of a web site depends much on the visual appeal of the web pages.
The use of right kind of colors on the pages can turn the pages attractive and eye
catching to the users. Attractive web pages not only catch the attention of users/readers
but they also help in their retention.
Color is one of the major tools in the hands of the web designers. Color can be used to
make the web pages very attractive, to highlight major content on the pages, to frame
and also to differentiate content from another.
Here is some basic information regarding use of colors for your web pages:
To make the pages of a web site visually appealing to new and existing users, first
of all a color scheme has to be decided. A consistent use of colors is necessary.
The colors can be of matching hues or they may completely differ from one
It has been quite a convention to place textual content against white
background. Even if the background is not white, light colored backgrounds are
what readers prefer while browsing through the web pages. If the texts are placed
against a light colored or white background, the readers can easily make them out
from rest of the content on the web page. When the text of a web page is placed
against colored background, readers tend to skip the colored parts and find it
inconvenient to read the content.
Use of too many colors can cause a lot of confusion for the users. On the other
hand, use of very less or dull colors make the web pages look inert and boring to
browse through. Colors are used to differentiate, highlight and identify elements
on web pages.
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