Deceptive Bliss HTML version

She loved him too much. Hence, she tried to talk sense into him, “Oh! Frank, don’t
talk like that. Anything that might be going wrong can be worked out.”
“No. You’re so wrong. When it started, we both embraced it… and kept it.” He
pointed his own heart, “In here.”
The nerves got her. And in an attempt to find refuge from the rising anxiety she
looked vainly toward the leafy trees that populated much of the park. But like looking
for any oasis in a desert no shelter loomed. So, she exploded.
“What is this? A NIGHTMARE!”
“This’s reality, Melanie.”
She began gasping.
“In dreams you can escape from it by waking up. But in reality you have to endure it.”
“I don’t believe what you´re saying.”
“It’s not a question of believing. You have to face the truth… the one that sucked us
His statements were hellishly sharp that her knees reeled under the pressure of the
current situation.
The breeze tucked the park, he breathed in deeply as if he wanted to inhale the last
drop of air. He even took pleasure in the stillness of the evening. So, closing his eyes to
catch the voiceless crack of the tree branches he found comfort, a certain relief from
years of pretending. As for her, she got her hands on her laps. Her long red fingernails
clawed into her fine tights.
He noticed her suffering. And though he was unable to solace her, his face mirrored
certain sympathy.
Slowly, he got on his feet. “My love, I’ve gotta do this.”
Bewildered, she only gazed at what might be the farewell of her beloved companion.
The determined husband hurried through the path in the direction of the avenue. She
followed him. Trying to keep his pace she tripped over. Her knees hurt. And a helpless
feeling came over her. She rose her gaze and noticed how the blurred figure of his
husband disappeared in the distance. Her heart started to beat less, which made most of
her body unresponsive. The only thing that was still on was her thinking.
A heavy fog arrived and scattered throughout. The sunset was looming on the horizon.
Only a couple of rays were able to slide through the dense clouds. They encountered her
face which was resting on the ground. The glimmer of light enhanced the blue color of
her eyes for a while. But it was enough to wake up something in her. It stirred her