Death Ray Butterfly HTML version

universe the whole time, or even get back to the one you started
out on. That's the thing. I can't tell for sure if I ever did. Back
when I chased old Cricket Jones throughout the time-space
continuum, I'm pretty sure I started out on the one old Earth I
was born on, but did I ever see it again? Can't say for sure.
Similar, definitely, very much so, and maybe that's enough. You'll
see what I mean when I get to it.
They want me to talk about Cricket. Want me to talk about Reyn
Tundra, Melvin Eldon and Eldon Melvin too. Ma ke sure you get
Racine in there while you're at it, they said. Everybody loves to
hear about her. They can't get enough of Racine, the cold-
blooded mini-skirted killing machine she was. Talk about who
stole the lady's leg bone. Don't forget about Shri mpie. All right,
all right, I'll get there. In my own way, damn it. In my own time.
See I'm just talking here, me and this little piece of black plastic I
am holding in my hand. They said I didn't need to hol d it, just be
somewhere nearby but hey, if I'm talking to a thing, at least if I
touch it I don't feel like I'm just talking to myself, which is what it
looks like. They said I could go out and walk around if I like. Why
would I do that? Seventy-two years spent mostly on my feet
chasing bad guys. Time to sit down now. Look out the window.
Raining out there anyway!