Dear Godchild HTML version

Very truly yours,
The Junior Committee for the Fatherless
Children of France.
Greenville Falls, N.Y.
Dec, 1st, 1916.
Deer godchild
How are you? I am very well and I have ganed 5 Ibs. in one weak which
makes me 85 Ibs. which is thot very good in America. Have you had much
snow? We have had it considerable hear which has spoylt the skating on
Frost Lake which is beehind old Sam Bursars house who is our naybor.
I am glad you have a short name, I had ruther be cald Andre than
Nickulus, Cristuff or Jean-Marie, but I wood ruther you were cald Bill
or Pete or Sniper, but you cant help being what they call you so never
mind. I suported you this weak by selling 70 copies of the Greenville
Mirror by hand. It is a good paper and shood be patronized. I wakt
into Jim Parkers offis he is the editur and sed, Mister Parker, if you
have a loose job and no man fer it I am the man you want, and he sed
how old are you? and I sed 11. and he sed what you want a job fer? and
I sed, O fer a kid I have in France and he sed since I was suportin
you if I cood sell 70 copies of the Mirror he wood give me 35 cts.
and Mother had give me 15 fer mindin the chikens when she went to
Peeks-kill, so I new it would be al-rite, so I sed very well your on.
So I took the mirrors and stood on the corner of School street, and
bimeby the men begin to come home from the city, and some of them
stopt to buy a Mirror and some did not, so I thot I wood make an
appeel so I hollered, Buy a Mirror fer a kid in France, and waived it
in there faces, and you shood have seen them buy! Enneway I guess the
Mirror is a good ole paper, when all the men had come home I thot I
wood take the papers to the folks that wernt on the street, like the
schoolmaams and the sisters. Well most of them hot fine exept miss
Leigh the Sunday school teacher, and she sed the Mirror was a low down
politishuns sheet and I sed buy it fer Lily Blanche her help, and she
sed what are you so ankshus to sell papers fer? And I sed how do you
expect me to suport a kid in France if you peeple wont help out? and
she sed the Lord will provide, but I told her I wood ruther do it
myself; and she said I guess He's doin it threw you, so at last she
forkt up, and I went home at 6 o'clock, but I tell you I had a prety
tuf day. Say how is your mussel? Have you enny brothers and sisters? I
have five, they are Amanda aged 16, Cecilia aged 10, Myra-Louise aged
7, Molly aged 6, and Heloise aged 5. I come between the fust too. Dad
wanted to call Heloise Omeega after Alfred and Omeega in the Bibel,
but Mother sed that was foolish and I guess it was, cause there was no
boy to be Alfred excep me, and I was alredy James, so he give it up.
Sid Perkins is suportin a girl in France and hes auful rich, and
dont have to work to keep her goin. Gee, Im glad your a boy, girls is
al-rite in there line but I woodnt adop one fer love or money. Can
you here the shootin from where you are? I have seen the new American
submareen and it is a fine bus, I tell you if ever the Yankees come
runnln over there you wont see Kaiser Bill fer dust. Do you like
prisners base? What grade are you in? Well, hoping you are well and
that some day we will meet somewhere in France, I will close.