Dear Godchild HTML version

A young New-Yorker of twelve lately heard an appeal for the Fatherless
Children of France, and his heart was touched. He had no money, but
he resolved to give his spare time and his utmost energy to support a
"kid in France." The French child needed ten cents worth of extra food
each day, in order to grow up with strength and courage. The little
American godfather earned those ten cents; he sold newspapers at the
subway entrance, after school hours, and undertook an amazing variety
of more or less lucrative odd jobs. Sometimes business was slow, and
it was hard to keep up the game; but he did. He is still, in the true
American expression "making good" for his deer godchild, and doing
it with a broad and brotherly grin. He is James P. Jackson Jr. His
letters to and from the kid in France are published just for fun--and
yet in the hope of encouraging more "dear benefactors" to join our
large family and help along, in the same spirit and with the same joy.
Greenville Falls,
November 27, 1916.
Deer miss Secretary
How are you? It is al-rite about the french orfan and I wood like a
boy between ten and twelve if it is the same to you. At fust dad sed
I coodnt have him because there was plenty of rich godfathers who wood
take him if I didn't, but mother told him of the apeel you made and
that I was goin to raze the money myself, and he sed well I guess you
are rite and if he can raze enuf money to raze a kid on he is well
come to it, and she sed I guess that is the rite spirit. And so I am
sending you 85cts. which is 70cts, fer the fust weak, and you can
keep the change which is 15cts, fer the next weak, so I will only send
55cts, fer the fust weak after that. The 85cts. is my birthday money
which was on thanksgiving day and I guess the folks will be glad to
give me work when they no I am suporting a kid in france.
Hoping you are well and I am the same I will, close.
Yours truly,
James Prendergast Jackson Jr.
P.S. I shood like his name to be Bill or Pete in french and not one of
those girly names if it is the same to you.
To Mr. James Prendergast Jackson Jr.
Dear Sir:
According to your instructions, we have assigned to you Andre Leblanc,
aged 11, No. 18 rue d'Autancourt, Paris, as your godchild for one
year. Thanking you for your interest in this worthy cause, we beg to