Deal or No Deal; The True Meaning of Life HTML version

obstacle is ourselves.
Anyone can be objective in theory. Anyone can let spirituality dominate their
lives. Anyone can search for truth and understanding. But, it is rare in our
society for these things to occur. Since we live our lives day by day, we focus on
the physical world. Conforming to society and aligning with the majority have a
positive effect on our success, while staying true to our beliefs gets increasingly
less important. Being accepted is more important than truth. Trading identity for
image is the American way.
We have infected our planet with humanity. The infection can only be slowed by
Nature, and ultimately, the universe. Even if we transform into a responsible
species we will still overpopulate the planet. That alone seals our fate. And since
we have proven that we make selfish choices with little effort...and wise choices
when we are forced into a corner, we have exhausted our options. We will find a way
to avoid the corner.
In the future this planet will look as it did in the past. It will be beautiful,
serene, and simple. By definition, humanity will fail. Nature will prevail. If we
are simple, we will be part of the planet. If we are complex, then we aren't sure
what we will be. That is the math of the universe. The equation will balance
Insanity understands an equation which inspires a person to be objective. Insanity
embraces the universe with open arms...ready to learn. Insanity has clear vision
before, during, and after a decision is made. Insanity has a conscience and needs
no excuses. Insanity accepts a quest. And it is insanity that removes the barriers
built by the ego. Insanity is open and honest...vulnerable to the influence of
Sanity must first consider all the options and alternatives...not as to effectively
search for truth...but to soothe the ego. Sanity requires the
priorities get rearranged at will. And sanity rewards those who keep
secrets...embrace group ideals...and wait for opportunity. It is the ability to
stroke the social order of egos that leads to a sane life...history proves that.
Sanity is a fortress that protects the ego.
I have read about the universe. I have read about the ego...our intuition...secrets
to success in life...and the history of mankind. About UFOs, psychology,
government, philosophies, and most aspects of science. About each religion and its
leaders. I am left with this one question. Are we flawed as the result of society,
or is it a part of the soul and we bring flaws to society?
After having survived 50 years of living in America, I have formed a few personal
opinions on matters I consider important. The things that we each find important
define who we are, providing us with our individuality. As our lives reach a
pinnacle there is a good chance that our priorities have changed or will change. We
begin to sense that life has meaning...a tangible concept if we can tell truth from
If there was no limit to human knowledge...if we knew everything...all about the
universe and different dimensions...about our souls, angels, and God...the past and
future of mankind...and how dinosaurs managed to exist for millions of years with
so many poop mountains stinking up the place. If we knew everything, we would also
know the true meaning of life. From my perspective it concerns the search for