Deal or No Deal; The True Meaning of Life HTML version

Deal Or No Deal: The True Meaning Of Life (by Wade Welch)
...dedicated to those souls who accept the shame forced upon them. The truth shall
set you free.
I expect several different reactions from readers. I got four from my family
alone..."everyone already knows all that"..."you need to take medication"...(I'm
gonna get Wade good this time)...and totally no reaction at all. No doubt there
could be a dozen more reactions. There might even be this one...(hmm, l know what
you are talking about).
I write to get a reaction. I don't care what reaction it is. I'll take note of
every one of them. I would be perfectly satisfied with someone being willing to
show me I am wrong. It is simply the reaction that matters. Our actions establish
our identity. We can take the path of least resistance, and stroke our egos, giving
ourselves a false impression of who we are. Or, we can walk the walk...without
I seek truth, admittedly one of my "issues"(#1). I seek to achieve goals, not
caring so much about a targeted success, but to find out what sort of success it
will be. Failure (issue #2) is inevitable, because I choose to stay who I am.
Successes always seem to require a compromise of our identity. We pay a price to
conform. A good friend said..."Life is a contradiction". I acknowledge that
contradiction (#3). I tend to intimidate (#4) naturally, although I am gangly, have
scoliosis, and a weak chin. I seem to get reactions.
No matter what I do in life, there will be a valid opinion that portrays me as a
fool. In fact, I can mathematically demonstrate that I am. It took a long time, but
once I finally felt comfortable with who I was, being a fool just didn't matter.
That is who I am. I make fool look good (issue #5). A fool has higher priorities
than seeking profit.
Who would proclaim that living through ideals, rather than serving ourselves, is a
quality trait? We have ten times more incentive than necessary to control...or
manufacture perceptions, and who would rather be who they really are? Who would
expect to be judged on merit, and not to be given a chance to control the opinion?
Who accepts difficult challenges with no profit, just because it is interesting?
Who is willing to examine their own true individuality, with true being the key
word? Who stands up for what they believe in? Obviously it is the insane...the
fool...the condemned.
Insanity, as enforced by society, allows me the opportunity to say things a normal
person cannot. I have the freedom to challenge a concept...until I am forced to
take medication (yeah right). A medicated person is a good person...and they never
say..."humanity is nothing more than a planetary infection with potential to be
more". They never say "truth is discovered, not created".
I doubt that it is possible for us to have the same outlook on life at age 50 that
we had at age 20. We learn as we grow, and hopefully growing is a large part of
living. I'm talking about spiritual growth as well as physical growth. Things start
out simple but quickly life transforms into something else. Hopefully, before this
life is over we get a sense that it is simple once again.
I am going to show how life has meaning. There is a purpose for all of us, and
although we are each unique, there is a common thread that connects us all. We will
likely not find answers in obvious places although they will be in plain sight most
of the time. Before we have answers, we first have to ask questions. Our first