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With his superstitious Irish nature, British Detective Joe Rafferty is unsurprised that his first murder case since his promotion is a tough one. The murder victim, whom the media has dubbed 'The Faceless Lady', has no ID and has been bludgeoned beyond recognition. She also supposedly had no access to the secure psychiatric facility where her dead body is found. The news media has seized on the case and has Rafferty in their headlights, his boss, with whom he shares a mutual loathing, would love to see him fail. A malign fate heaps on the difficulties when his law-bending family use emotional blackmail to demand a special favour. Worm-like wriggling ensues. A Little Laughter. A Little Mayhem. A Little MURDER... 'This often comic tale sharpens the appetite for more.' - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


Geraldine Evans

I'm a Londoner by birth and upbringing, but moved away from the crowded claustrophobia of the capital city to a Norfolk market town in 2000. I first escaped from publishers' slush-piles in 1991 with a romantic novel. I then switched to writing mysteries and Dead Before Morning, the first book in my 15-strong Rafferty & Llewellyn mystery series, found favour (British spelling!) at Macmillan and was published in 1993. Altogether, I've had eighteen novels traditionally published. I turned independent in 2010 and have since published my back-list as well as several new books, both fiction and non-fiction (some under pen names). I was always a reader, and after leaving school at sixteen, the tedious succession of dead-end jobs made me crave a fulfilling career. What else would I, as a word-lover, turn to as a career, but that of a word-smith? Luckily, blissful ignorance of the publishing industry coupled with the determination of the best fictional super-heroes kept me writing through six novels and piles of rejections until I received that letter with the blissful words: 'We'd like to publish your book.' Every published writer remembers that moment. I even had my husband capture a picture of me holding said letter for posterity. I've still got it! But now I'm an indie. And proud of it.

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