Daylight Robbery HTML version

“Jim. You’ve got your lunch, haven’t you?” She felt boring having to ask her husband such a
question, but she just wanted to make sure that her husband of twelve years had everything
that he would need. Today was the first day of a job which had taken him three and a half
years to get.
He came into the lounge and walked amongst the brightness of the rays through the blinds.
He suited his matt brown coloured Security Guard uniform. 3-Ways had employed him
through an Agency he had registered with afte r countless other men had not quite made it.
Jim had been one of seven lucky men that day when the company whittled down over a
hundred applicants for seven positions and one supervisor.
“Yeah Deirdre. I have my lunchbox. I have my sandwiches. I have my fruit juice.”
“I just want to make sure.”
“I know. Look, from now on, no more scraping round, no more asking for loans from your
Elaine or our Geoff. We are going to be keeping up with the mortgage, we are going to keep
up on the council tax. And if we can just start to put a bit away each week or month, then a
holiday. Might not be much next year, but at least a couple of days somewhere. Let’s get
everyone paid off and then we can do what we want.”
“Oh Jim. I know.”
“Wasn’t it great the way the Agency also got you that cleaning number?”
“Yes, I just thought that I would just be keeping you company when you went to register.
But the pair of us came out good, didn’t we?!”