Dawn, The Planet HTML version

Frequently, Monty ate lunch at his desk, sometimes with members of his staff, sometimes
alone. On this particular day, he would soon regret not following his usual practice.
Like every other day, he awoke at 6, went to the kitchen, set up the coffee
machine, let the dog out into the back garden, and brought in the newspaper. He took his
coffee and the business section to the patio. The rising sun pushed through the leafy trees
and promised another glorious June day. There was a subdued rumble from the highway
some five miles away that passed Oakville on its way to Toronto.
He tried to concentrate on the paper but his mind slipped back to the previous
evening and the Board Meeting of PDG Corporation, the company he worked for. He had
been promoted from Director to Vice-President Human Resources and appointed a
member of the Management Committee of the Corporation. He had to control his
euphoria as the Chairman of the Board congratulated him and spoke highly of his
achievements in the three years since he joined the company.
?Montgomery Dore, I‘m very proud of you and very proud to be your wife,?
Vivian said very formally when Monty came home with the news. Then, hugging and
kissing him, she added: ?But tell your President not to hold any meetings tomorrow night.
The kids are planning a birthday party for you.?
At exactly 6:30, he returned to the bedroom. By this time, Vivian was up. She
smiled at him. ?Happy birthday, my executive darling.?
?Thanks, but who wants to be reminded that his youth is evaporating??