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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Daughter of the Morning

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Published: 4 years ago

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The story centres around the quest to free a the demon that haunts Windsor Great Park and the search of a young woman to find herself.


Loved this book and can't wait to find out what happens next! Hopefully the author will deliver the next installment very soon :)

Laura Ann Moylan

What a new way of thinking on an old bunch of legends- I loved it!

Dorian Westbrook

I really liked this book. Kudos to the writer.

Faye Lamontt

I enjoyed this read. I felt it was written for a young audience but was nice light reading for adults also, especially if you still have an imagination.

Georgia-Rose Greer

Want to know more of the story:)

ms Tonya

i like this book.


This is a very good story. I agree with the first review that the language gets confusing, but as you journey with the characters you understand why. It isn't written fantastically, but it is still a good read. I feel at the end that we are left hanging; a part two coming perhaps. Over all this was a joy to read. I have tried to look up information concerning this book and its author but haven't found anything. Let me know what you find.


I like this book and look forward to Spring and Summer and Fall


This book had an excellent plot. I read it completely within 24 hours. It was, however, written in very archaic English. It wasn't even consistent, switching between modern-ish and King James English, complete with "thees" and "thous". It only bothered me somewhat because I read many old books, but what about those of us who do not? My recommendation: rewrite the book in more modern, if slightly less wordy, language, and you've got yourself a keeper!


Kara Parsons

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