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12Data recovery when GHOST Image restore failed.
In this case, there can be different recovery scenarios according to specific damage of the partition
and file system:
Usually, after the failure of GHOST Image restore, partition table of the target disk would be in
some damaged condition, you can search the partition where you want to recover data by
“Searching for Partition “function in “AdvancedRecovery”.
If the partition is found, please refer to “Data recovery when parts of partitions are lost”.
If not, please refer to “data recovery when all the partitions are lost”.
13. After Partition Magic size revision/ combination/ division of partitions fails, how to
recover the lost data?
In this occasion please refer to “Data recovery when GHOST Image restore failed”
14. When using Data Recovery Wizard 3.0 to recover files, there is some strange sound in
HD. How to handle it?
Your HD has some hardware problems. In this occasion, you need stop running Data Recovery
Wizard 3.0 at once, and then send your HD to HD maintenance station.
15. HD cannot be detected in BIOS, how to recover data by Data Recovery Wizard 3.0
The precondition of data recovery by Data Recovery Wizard 3.0 is that the storage device has no
hardware problem and runs normally; or Data Recovery Wizard 3.0 can not help you.
16. There is not enough space in hard disk to save the recovered files, nor there is removable
storage device, how to handle it?
You can save you files to other host computers via network, please refer to steps as following:
Choose another host computer on network:
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