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Click “Next” to search files, the following steps are the same as previous methods.
Attention: if you are not satisfied with the result or you can not remember the previous file system
on the partition or the program can not figure out the size of clusters on the partition, you can refer
to the following steps:
Choose “AdvancedRecovery” and choose the partition
Click “Next”, the following steps please refer to previous methods.
5.Recover encrypt/compressed files in NTFS
Attention: if you want to recover encrypt/compressed file in NTFS, you need Data Recovery
Wizard Professional 3.0, for Data Recovery Wizard 3.0 does not support encrypt/compressed file
Encrypt/compressed file recovery and deletedrecovery are mostly the same. But more attention
should be paid to that to rightly recover encrypt/compressed files , you need use the account that
create encrypt/compressed files to log on Windows; moreover, the encrypt files must be recovered
and saved to partition of other NTFS type not FAT partition, or the recovered encrypt files can not
be opened correctly.
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