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Case Study
.Case Study
1. Introduction of Data Recovery Wizard 3.0
Data Recovery Wizard is an advanced data recovery software. In Windows, this software can
recover data on different storage media and partitions.
General Functions of Data Recovery Wizard 3.0
Deletedrecovery: This module works only with deleted files and allows to “undelete” them
(another popular term is “unerase”). Intact file system is important for this module. If you know
that there is something wrong with your file system (for example, you did not delete some
folder/files but you cannot access them) or if you see something strange with Windows, you
should use “AdvancedRecovery” module.
Formattedrecovery: A common data recovery situation is accidentally reformatting a partition.
The FormatRecovery tool will allow you to recover files from a partition, which has been
accidentally formatted or reinstalled. This type of recovery will ignore the existing file system
structures and search for structures associated with the previous file system. If you are not
satisfied with the result, you should use “AdvancedRecovery” module
AdvancedRecovery:you can use this function to recover your damaged system, deleted partitions,
misoperation of HD and deletion caused by virus.
RawRecovery:The RawRecovery tool allows you to scan severely corrupted partitions for files
with a file signature search algorithm. This tool will help you recover files from a partition with
damaged directory structures.
2. Matters needs attention before recovery
(1)Never operate on partition (such as write and create file) where the data lost.
(2)Please close any other application program when Data Recovery Wizard 3.0 is running.
(3)Make sure that there is no physical failure (such as physical bad track) on the disk you are
operating. If there is any problem, please stop running Data Recovery Wizard 3.0, and send
your disk to maintenace station.
(4)Do not save the recovered files to the original partition. You need make sure that there is
enough free space to save the recovered data; also you can save your files to removable devices
or network devices.
Here are some examples of using Data Recovery Wizard 3.0.
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