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Afterward, the limitation is broken. From then on, there will be no single root directory, which
becomes part of DATA. Even, root directory files are not right after FAT. They can be in any
position in DATA.
.Common Cases of Partition Recovery
1.MBR Recovery
On condition that there is no problem with hardware, the first step is MBR recovery. MBR
recovery is simple because it is system data. Though it may be created by different software and
the code might be different, the method is the same. Even if multi-system boot, it is not hard. You
can backup the data to be recovered after the system boot turn to be normal, and then restore the
multi system boot.
Recover MBR by fdisk
The simplest way to recover MBR is Fdisk, whose command is simple too; you can use
Fdisk/MBR”. Please note that, the hard disk to be operated should be connected on mater IDE
interface as the master hard disk. As to other connection way, we need appoint the interface
location of IDE device in form of “Fdisk/CMBR”.
The command syntax of Fdisk command line is “Fdisk/parameter switch”. Besides that obtained
by “FDISK/”, there are some hidden parameters information:
Parameter Function: not to check bad sectors on disk surface
Details: It can speed up partition operation.
Parameter Function: to re-create MBR of appointed disk
Details: Equals to /MBR parameter, except that it can appoint certain disk
Parameter Function: to create extend partition.
Details: Creates extend partition on the currency disk , which used to create logical
Parameter Function: to check the usage of FAT16 and FAT32 in interactive mode.
Details: When /FPRMT parameter is added, there will be no query of that whether
supports high- capacity hard disk; while there will be a query that it uses
FAT16 or FAT32 when creating a new partition.
Parameter Function: to rebuild logical partition.
Details: Used to create logical disk, /LOG and /EXT should work together.
Parameter Function: to create logical partition with FAT16
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