Dark Matter the Wolf Warrior: the Heart of Warriors HTML version

“Ouch! Mama, is that you?”
“Yes, but I’m busy. What do you want?” I asked a little snappishly,
these were one of those times when I’m glad she’s blind.
If she saw the dead android with its throat split open, it could traumatize
her at this age.
“Mom, I think I’m getting sick. My throat hurts.” Emerald said before
she coughed.
It got me a little bit worried, this is the third time she came running to
me with a sore throat. I gave her medicine twice but with no response.
“Ok, ok, ok. I’ll take you to the medical center.” I said as I picked her up
and carried her to the medical center down the corridor.
The doctor examined her but it took about an hour. Well, at least it
appeared too. The doctor looked at me with grief and shook his head.
“Well, what’s the matter? Even if she’s sick, we are as fully stock as any
hospital.” I growled at him.
“We don’t have the kind of medicine she needs.” The doctor said
A sudden chill traveled down my back, I knew that this was bad news;
but I tried to keep myself calm.
“Mom, am I going to be all right?” Emerald asked me.