Dark Matter the Wolf Warrior: the Heart of Warriors HTML version

It was a typical day leading the Skull Alliance; I was feasting on one of
my androids because it disappointed me, as usual. The idiotic bank clan
keeps on sending those worthless human-bots to me. They say they’re
good, but the only good they are to me: is an energy snack.
I need to feed the energy ruby that got stuck in my heart years ago, or
else I will be history.
Then my blind 21 year old “daughter”, Emerald ran into my side. She’s
learning to heighten her other abilities, so she can use those as her eyes.
She had white fur with long black hair with a little red on the ends of her
bangs. Her emerald green eyes had a hint of pale green.
Four black spots were under her eyes that were lined from biggest to
smallest. Emerald’s pink nose on her long snout was always sniffing the
air as if she was looking for something. And her long ears always go
back and forth.
I kidnapped her when she was just two years old, but I accidently
dropped her on her head when I was trying to make my escape.
That’s how she got blind; I escaped when I kicked her father: Sensei off
some cliff. And I guess he lost his memory about Emerald because he
never spoke of her again.