Dangerous Dana HTML version

A Suspense Thriller
Dana Brown is a gorgeous young black fem ale. She was born in
Jamaic a, West Indies. Dana has a golden-tan c omplexion and
mysterious gr een eyes. She has a unique mysteri ous beauty that is
so unear thly and so sinister. She has broad dark eyebrows with
deep-set eyes. She has long black wavy hair, which hangs down
her back. She has very large bones and stands at 5' 6" tall. She
has a str ong muscular physique. She is a physic ally str ong person,
especially when angry. She is a ver y athletic per son. She has been
athletic sinc e childhood. Dana dr esses a lot in turtlenecks and
stretch jeans.
Dana Br own is one of eight childr en. They wer e all born in
Jamaic a, West Indies. Dana is the eldest daughter in the family.
She grew up with two older brothers named Sammy and Thomas.
Dana has four younger sisters n amed Missy, Landa, L onda and
Linda. Landa, Londa and Linda are all identic al triplets. Dana
and her sis ters also have a younger brother nam ed Robert, who is
the youngest of all the siblings.
Dana's m other Christine is a lovely black wom an with a very
youthful appearanc e. She was born and raised in Jamaic a, West
Indies. She has a medium reddish-brown com plexion with broad
dark eyebrows and dark Asian lik e eyes. She has very dark hair,
which she keeps styled in bangs and long dreadlocks tied in a
pony-tail. She stands at 5' 4" tall. Christine has two older brothers
named Alan and Har old, and a sister nam ed Patr icia. Their
mother Marie Carter is a beautiful black woman with a beautiful
dark skin com plexion. She has shoulder length hair, which she
sometimes wraps in a scarf or tur ban. Christine's father Winston
is a handsome black man with a golden-brown com plexion. He
shares a striking r esem blanc e to Christine.
Dana's father David, is a handsom e black man. He shar es a
striking resemblanc e to Dana. He has a light com plexion with very
dark hair and deep-set eyes. He c omes fr om a very large family.
He is also one of eight children. He has 4 br others named Kevin,