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Identifying an Area of
Expertise for Your Blog
Perhaps the most important aspect of starting a blog and
becoming a professional blogger is the process involved in
identifying the focus of your blog. The single biggest
mistake beginning bloggers make is failing to identify a
specific focus, instead choosing to write about whatever
happens to come into their mind at any given moment.
This is good as a strategy for writing practice, but it is
very unlikely to win you any regular readers or to help
you build a core audience for your burgeoning writing
If you want to be a professional blogger like me, Dana
Sibilsky, focus on one subject and adhere to it closely.
Sure, you can occasionally delve into a topic that is only
somewhat relevant to your core focus every once in a
while, but you have to ensure that your audience knows
exactly what they are getting each time they type in your
web address or, even better, click on the bookmarked tab
that links to your site. So, how do you go about choosing
a subject that will attract and engage readers on a
regular basis?
It is important to recognize that there is a danger in
pandering to the audience. Too many bloggers –
professional or otherwise – get caught up in their web
analytics and then focus only on writing about the
subjects that perform best. This is why you see so many
“Top 10” sites – it’s well known that an article organized
in list form is better “click bait” than any other format.
While this strategy works in some regards, you are much