Dan Sheman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Three HTML version

Dan Sherman Space Guardian
All Worlds
Book three
By Colin J Platt
Copyright Colin J Platt 2014
Earth Base was the same as usual. I was feeling pretty good as I checked in. Reeas was over-
the-moon. Sionn was his usual self which was very sober, but even he couldn’t help smiling.
‘How did you know I could pull it off,’ I said?
‘I knew; let us just leave it at that.’
‘Where is Kallo now?’ I said.
‘We believe he is with Mannus!’
‘Yes,’ he is being reprocessed.’
‘Can we expect to meet him again?’ I asked.
‘Surely, Sionn said, ‘but in what manner, I don’t know.’
‘Do you mean he could be totally different?’
‘Yes,’ Sionn said, ‘one can’t be near Mannus, and expect to be the same.’
‘Why was he allowed to get so out of control?’ I asked?
‘I will just say Karma, and let it go at that.’ Sionn said.
‘He must have killed thousands.’ I said.
‘Much more than that, Dan, there comes a time when even the Guardians have to say enough
is enough. The people will be reincarnated but the effect from these experiences will linger a
long time, also the agents working for Kallo are still out there and there will also be many
apprentices. The work goes on, my friend,’ said Sionn. All I wanted to do was Dance with
Reeas! What Song? You ask. What about one from the old masters, you can pick whichever you
want, they are all appropriate.
OK, my student friends: please continue with your efforts to become Trainee-Guardians, it
will be worth it. Trust me!
I see Sionn wants me to go on another mission to the astra l world. I hope you will follow my
exploits through the central databank, you now know how to access it, so onward my friends.
This next job is special. I have been asked to go into the lower levels alone, and I won’t be
given any information until later. This is not making my training any easier, I can tell you, my
friends, please be patient.
This job was not going to be easy, I knew that, but why should it require so much effort to
simply adjust my consciousness to a lower level? I have been in p laces like this before, maybe it
is my own mind that has moved on, I know it sounds stupid, but the experiences I have been
through over the past months, years, millennia, I don't know how long. O n the astral world time
doesn't register. I could go to the beginning of time or the end of time. The particular job I had to
do, was, on the face of it, fairly easy, although I had made errors before thinking that something
was going to be easy. I needed to get my mind in check! Why did Sionn want me to take this job
on with no help from anyone, even Debra, simply because the consciousness of the place is too