Dan Sheman Space Guardian All Worlds Book One HTML version

Dan Sherman Space Guardian
All Worlds
Book One
Colin J Platt
Copyright Colin J Platt 2014
„Dan, you must kill it.‟ The voice said. „That is a Devil- Beast and could rip you in half, if you
let it. Why are you holding back? You are a potential Guardian-Of-Space. You have to be
ruthless sometimes.‟ „Why can‟t I just let it move on, I don‟t want to hurt it?‟
„You are expected to bring back the Devil- Beast to the lower astral plane where it belongs,
and the only way to do that is to kill it in this plane.‟
„But how did it get to this level in the first place?‟
„That doesn‟t concern you; please do as you are bid.‟ I was standing not more than ten yards
from the monster who was by now eyeing me up suspiciously. It had the look of the proverbial
devil but much larger, it had a tail, large hands with long claws, horns, and eyes which resembled
a goats. In fact it was everything you would expect from the hell worlds. „You are standing in my
way.‟ It said. I was in fact standing before a hidden-portal, the kind that higher entities use to
access the inner worlds. How the monster could see this door was baffling me.
„How did you manage to get here?‟ I said.
„I am going to pull out your bowels first small man, and then I am going to eat them before
your eyes and then I will eat your eyes ha.‟ „You will not get any answers from this creature,
Dan, please do as you are ordered.‟
I realized that I had no alternative but to fight this entity. I transformed myself into the
menacing form of Cloft, the Tourgen clo ne. This is a thing that I have become so used to in my
dreams, I feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Cloft is eight foot tall with tiger like skin and teeth
and claws which could rip apart any creature on Earth, of course we weren‟t on Earth, though.
The Monster saw me transform into Cloft.
„You better move out of my way beast man.‟ It said. I am now being informed that these
adventures of mine in the inner worlds are going to be recorded for potential Guardians to use
while asleep. I have to refer to you in future as Students. I apologize if you are more than that;
please be patient and log into the Guardian‟s database. I moved towards the monster with
confidence. I knew I could easily kill it. For student purposes: Cloft is one of the strongest
creatures in the Universe. Guardians have access to a network of unlimited knowledge and time;
by that, I mean we can travel anywhere on the inner planes and once you are accepted by the
Guardians you can also travel anywhere in time and space on the physical-plane. That is exactly
what I am being lined up for. Please be aware that you are unlimited and as such eternal. I
grabbed the monster by the throat while he tried to claw into my stomach. I ripped its head off. I
am now being informed that I will not remember any of my experiences when I wake up; this is
for my protection. I am now going to be debriefed at the astral sub base. Students please prepare
your selves for the start of Dan Sherman‟s adventures in time and space, onwards my friends.