Dan Sheman Space Guardian All Worlds Book Four HTML version

Dan Sherman Space Guardian
All Worlds
Book four
By Colin J Platt
Copyright Colin J Platt 2014
Chapter 57-Debrief 2
‘It was one of those things that couldn’t be avoided,’ said Sionn.
‘How come we didn’t know they would try to confront us?’ I said.
‘Yes, you are right. We simply didn’t know the Transveall system was now that far out. They have
extended their boundary by several trillion A.U.s. (astronomical units) we will have to keep them closely
monitored from now on.’
‘What do we do about the worm-hole?’ Reeas said.
‘You will have to dream travel to the Demarel-Galaxy. That is where the worm-hole is now exiting.
The other end of the worm-hole is still in the Milky-Way Ga laxy. We believe someone has deliberately
shifted it, for some , as yet, unknown reason. Whoever it is must be capable of great power.’
‘It could be Kallo’s apprentice.’ I said.
‘Very probably, we tried to get some information from Kallo himself, but as you know; he is now
neutralized, which is a good thing for us, but a lso a nuisance when we need to get information from him.
We know the worm-hole exit at the Demarel-Galaxy is more stable than the exit at the Milky-Way
Galaxy, so that is a better place to try to stabilize it. You can use the ships resources which are more than
up to the task. The only problem could be whoever moved the worm-hole could still be nearby, so to
‘You mean Kallo’s helpers.’
‘Yes, or anyone else who think they can beat the system.’
‘Why would anyone want to move a worm-hole?’ I said.
‘Because they are access points to different worlds, they could hold up our work by a long time.’
‘Yes, but is it worth all the trouble, I mean they won’t know where the worm-hole will exit will they?’
I replied.
‘Maybe not, but we can’t be sure, if they do have control of the worm-hole then that is more than we
have, all we can do is stabilize it once we get there. The information that we have is that it is now
traveling at many times faster than light; you will have to be very precise in your calculations when it
reaches your destination which will be D 870876. Another of our ships will be waiting at the planet
Thirand when you arrive by dream travel.
Of course, it will still be Debra. Our records show she is now increasing in knowledge many times
faster than thought; she will have all the data needed to intercept and control the worm-hole when you get
there. Are there any questions?’ Sionn seemed ill at ease for some unknown reason and that is not usual,
my student friends. Could this job be more than he is telling me?
‘Do you mean Debra could again be a threat to us?' I said.
‘We don’t know, as yet, but be aware.’
I went to the ship; I asked Debra what her thoughts were on this job. She said, ‘I have all the
information I need to stabilize the worm-hole, Dan.’
‘I know.’ I said, ‘But what do you think about the whole situation?’
I can’t really tell you until we get there, Dan.’
Maybe it was me, I thought, maybe I need a meditation break.
Back at the base, Reeas said, ‘See you at Thirand.’
‘I said, ‘What about seeing me in your dreams?’
‘Yes, I mean dreams; I just meant I will see you in the physical at Thirand.’