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Thank you for getting your hands on our wonderful DJ Marketing Bible!

The DJ Marketing Bible will help you get things moving by either providing information on how to move out of your bedroom and into the scene or if you have already made it to clubs on how you can actually create solid foundations for your career.

There are 2 ways you can use the DJ Marketing Bible: firstly, the obvious way, reading it from start to finish so you can get all the information; some of which you might already know, some probably not with so many details. The other way is to go to specific chapters regarding the topics you feel you need extra boost at for instance when you are called to perform specific duties that you have forgotten how or simply you want to refresh your goldfish-like memory.

The DJ Marketing Bible starts with a basic, yet underestimated subject: the importance of choosing the right stage name. Besides a carefully selected stage name, a well-calibrated biography is also essential given that it is basically “you” on a page of paper.

It continues with how to make a mix that people will listen to and what to do with it, like burning and labelling a CD; spreading it through the Internet etc. It elaborates on how to produce your mix and on the more advanced topic of how to design a logo.

Yes a logo, it’s important, never underestimate the Bible! Take a look at professional famous DJ’s great looking logos and you will get the hint.

Additionally the DJ Marketing Bible dives into the Internet world on how to create your very own website and why it is important to focus on that too apart from Facebook.

Appearing on video and on professional photos is also something that you wouldn’t want to negate since it is one of the most basic forms of exposing yourself to the fans.

 Another important factor is your email signature. You are going to send tons and tons of emails so you need to appear as professional as possible. If you don’t take yourself seriously no one else will. The eBook also gives valuable advice on how to write a venue contract, info that when the time comes you would want to have it handy.

Moreover, there is a chapter concerning marketing strategies which outlines the best ways to promote yourself and face the hate: having people looking out for you is always a good thing as well as knowing the key players in the music industry and how to create a music scene when there’s none to be found.

Finally the DJ Marketing Bible can provide useful information which would be very helpful for your first events like how to keep your ego in check-in, take break between events and how to work your fan base.

Bottom line? You are on the right track!