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person, taking them by the hand and showing them exactly what they need to do!
Now we have covered the overall advantages of the Internet, let’s get into YOUR Internet
Look at how most people promote their opportunity. First, they have to have a website.
Now, these people probably do not know how to create a website, they know nothing
about FTP, or any of the other aspects involved in the creation of their own website. So,
what do they do? They pay for a website which someone in their upline provides—at a
cost of usually between $19.95 and $47.00 a month.
You might have a similar site which you are promoting. Do you know what it is worth as
a promotional site to send YOUR prospects to?
That’s Right! It is Worth Absolutely Nothing!!
You next question should be….
Why isn’t it any good for promoting?
Before I answer that question I would like to propose to you who your prospects in your
Network Marketing business really are.
Finding out who your market is determines your success as a Marketer. Period! This next
sentence can change your life.
Marketing is not about creating a demand for a product but about determining where
your product fills a demand!
Do you understand?
Here is an example. If you had the best hot dogs in the world, you could never create a
demand for them in a vegetarian restaurant. It doesn’t matter how great your marketing
strategy is. Even if those people were starving—you would still never sell hot dogs to
those vegetarians. But, take those same hot dogs to a base ball stadium full of hungry
kids—and you would probably be killed by the stampede created by the kids who wanted
to buy your hot dogs!
Determining where the demand for your product is, is where the fortunes in marketing