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Hi, my name is Don Howsden and What YOU are about to discover is the people who understand the Internet will be unbelievably successful while those who do not know what to do are left guessing, probably doing the wrong things, and struggling month after month.

But not YOU, you will have the foundation which you can build upon. You will literally become an Internet Expert and on your way to “Guru” status with your upline begging you to let them in on your secrets! How are you dominating the Internet, enrolling record numbers of new distributors, and building your business at a break neck speed!

The Internet offers you a great opportunity to build your business, but it also offers you a way to waste hundreds of hours wandering aimlessly through cyber space. This book will keep you focused on the tasks at hand. It is the road map which will show you the way and keep you on the right roads.

So, Let’s get started, shall we?