Curiosities of Superstition HTML version

I. Buddhism, its Origin and Ceremonies
II. Magianism: the Parsees
III. Jewish Superstitions
IV. Brahmanism
V. Hindu Mythology, and the Vishnu Purana
VI. In China: Confucianism, Taouism, and Buddhism
Among the Malays, the Slamatan Bromok, the Dyaks, the Papuan Tribes, the
VIII. The Savage Races of Asia: the Samojedes; the Mongols; the Ostiaks; in Tibet
IX. Some African Superstitions
X. The Zulu Witch-finders
XI. Zabianism and Serpent-Worship
XII. Polynesian Superstitions
XIII. The Fiji Islanders
XIV. The Religion of the Maories
XV. The North American Indians
XVI. Among the Eskimos
XVII. A Mediæval Superstition: the Flagellants