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Hi. My name is Bill Henderson. About 10 years ago, in November 1990, my former wife, Marjorie began her four-year bout with cancer. She died on November 1, 1994. Her many operations, chemotherapy treatments and intense pain made her wish often in her last two years for a quick death, or “transition,” as she called it.

After watching that, it was hard for me to believe that millions of people each year had to endure that same torture. I have read widely in these ten years, searching for an alternative. I have found many.

This e-book is the result of my search. Not only have I found more humane and effective treatments for cancer, I have discovered that our medical system is dominated by big drug company money. Instead of pursuing the research into natural substances and therapies that seem to have great promise and which have, in fact, cured cancer for thousands of grateful patients, our system suppresses them.

With better information, I know cancer patients and their caregivers can work more effectively with their physicians to cure their diseases permanently. Also, those of us who don’t have cancer yet can avoid it and other degenerative diseases.

With the deluge of information available today on the Internet, you need a guide to help you sift through it. My goal is to help you co-doctor effectively so you and your loved ones don’t become victims of the “system,” as my wife, Marjorie, was.

My background is in computer software and marketing. After retiring from the U. S. Air Force in 1977, I founded a software company that sold specialized software to architects and engineers. It was the first of its kind in the world. We had clients in 42 states and 4 Canadian provinces. I sold that company in 1995.
In addition to my medical research, I have tried several Internet ventures, with some success, in the last three years. I have a Masters in Business Administration from George Washington University. I am an entrepreneur at heart.

This book, however, is a true labor of love. I know how much it can help you, if you will trust me and keep an open mind. I was 69 in January 2001. My family and I have probably dealt with over 200 doctors and at least 10 of them have been close friends. In the last 10 years, I have had several encounters with the medical system.

In 1992, I met Joe Davis, M.D. He started me on a workout plan that I have continued ever since. He also convinced me of the importance of proper nutrition. He founded several “fitness centers” called Ultra-Fit here in San Antonio.

In 1996, I had radial keratotomy done on one eye and laser correction on the other. In 1997, I had torn retinas repaired in both eyes. My vision is better now than ever before in my life. I had a hernia in my groin repaired very professionally in 1998. I had my sinuses cleaned out in 1999, which completely cured my chronic sinusitis. The doctor said she stopped counting when she got to 104 polyps removed.

Like most men my age, I have an enlarged prostate gland. Two wonderful urologists have treated me for the last 17 years. In the last ten years, they have done four biopsies on my prostate, all of which were negative.

I feel much better physically now in every way than I did forty years ago. The picture above was taken during a visit to Ibiza, Spain in 1998.


I mention my recent medical experience only to emphasize to you that I am anything but anti-doctor.


When you purchase the entire e-book “Cure Your Cancer” you will receive with it four BONUS “booklets. Their titles are:

“Stop Your Aging With Diet” “Stop Your Aging With Exercise” “Beating Diabetes”
and “Cure Your Back Pain”

The Table of Contents is interactive. That just means that you can click on a Table of Contents entry with your mouse and it will jump to that portion. This is an advantage of reading the book on the computer screen. Of course, you may elect to print it on your computer printer at any time. This “sampler” version is only 34 pages. The complete book with the Bonus booklets is 145 pages.

You will notice the words “Error-Bookmark not defined” in the Table of Contents starting at Chapter 2. That just means that when Adobe Acrobat was assembling this sampler it couldn’t find those pages. You know computers – picky, picky, picky! Anyway, you can get a good idea of the content of the rest of the book and the Bonus booklets by looking at the Table of Contents.

I have avoided using footnotes in this book. It is not a scholarly work for researchers. It is a “how-to” book for people with cancer or who have relatives or friends with cancer. The sources I have used can be found in Appendix A, along with a list of many other resources. The resources include on-line guides to doctors and clinics where you can get a second (or third) opinion. As you will see, finding a doctor whose approach to your therapy is compatible with yours is vital.

Anytime you are ready to buy the complete book and the four bonus booklets, just click here. You will be taken to the website where you can download the complete version for just $14.95. There is no tax or shipping charge.

Before you read this book, I must give you the following warning and disclaimer:

The author of this book is a researcher and writer, not a physician. The facts presented in the following pages are offered as information only, not medical advice. Their purpose is to create the basis for informed consent. Although there is much that each of us can do in the area of prevention, self-treatment for clinical cancer, diabetes and back problems is not advised. The administration of therapy for these maladies, including nutritional therapy, should be under the supervision of health-care professionals who are specialists in their fields.