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Chapter I

The hyperactive Indigo Children

It is the year 1962, and finished the Age of Leo, which

remained for a period of two millennia. For approximately the last

hundred years was that, many babies were born or dubbed Indigo

children's future. These fantastic children began to rise as we know

in large quantities due to the need that existed at the time of

evolution as a species. As such the mission that brought initially

was to help in the reform of all existing systems in Social and

Educational Humanity.

Except that it did not happen fast enough to match, due to

entrenched societies and religions, as well as the non-acceptance by

parents and educators of these spectacular Indigo children, as

gifted children, which fell by about 85% of births worldwide this

time around the year 1955. After their birth these light beings had

many times the size of the head a little higher in the rest of the

body. This was due to a greater amount of mass head, thus having a

greater capacity for reason of all that beheld the brain. One other

notable peculiarity that distinguishes them from other children they

considered normal, was the fact that they have big eyes and fix

other people eyes.

José Cruz

This setting was because the Indigos have a very strong perception

of light, and could have the privilege to read the auras of other

people, with extreme ease. Also saw angels and other beings of

Light, had premonitions and predicted events, accompanied by

great intuitive power. They were also holders of a powerful brain

structure very different as regards the use of the potential of

hemispheric. The left less developed, representing the right side of

the physical body. And the right to clear cut more developed than

the spiritual. This allowed had the ability to go beyond the

intellectual, most of these parents as they witnessed these events as

well as more relevant, and do not feel qualified to deal with these

children as normal.

These parents often sought in the medical findings that would lead

to discern, who actually their children were and what they were

born. But to live with the medical science, and was not yet well

developed, consolidated at the beginning it was not of facts

belonging to a higher spiritual nature. They began to put them on

the fringe of society and to regard them as being hyperactive, so

during the term of this century these Indigo children, who have

always been rising over the Scale but rarely, then had to start

fighting against this type of human discrimination. Many of those

who had the patience and courage to be able to reach adulthood

without being played in its evolution, able to develop certain

specific skills, through their human cells, causing them to change

certain provisions to remain in the Society, as part of their faces

and ways of being, as human beings that were overdeveloped

achieved these remarkable achievements, for that time. And families

began to accept them, respect them and take pride in having

someone with these special gifts in the family.

Society in general found that was not so well with these Indigos,

and admitted them as potential sources of structural development,

the changes they had to do originally.


Curators Of Souls

They were then initiating the necessary changes, abolishing old

habits, beliefs, changing the guidelines that existed on Earth

previously imposed by beings more avant-garde, implementing new

ways of living for future evolution of the entire human race,

thereby bringing a new Peace on Earth.

But the mission that led to the earth at that time was not yet

complete, in his quest for survival down these Indigo beings to

adapt to the Society going later start to change them. Had to serve

more than part of the intellect, taking most of them have dropped a

veil over the spiritual evolution, which was also part of their

missions in general. Thus giving rise to many disagreements

between families, social classes, religions and countries, drawing

many of them to war. They felt they needed support for this part

was as delicate as Spirituality. They joined then all those who

needed to evolve spiritually, whether Indigo or not by asking the

Cosmos of Light to send reinforcements, as they had much of an

unimpeded path to a new Human Spiritual Awakening.

José Cruz


Curators Of Souls