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The knowledge described throughout this work were acquired

during the various Incarnations that the author and writer lived

and witnessed, and developed over all previous experience physical

as well as the latter. The proof of this is that it was written by the

Spirit, as well as all of the above have been already published as

assessed by experts in the field of ancient science. Concerning the

World of spirituality, with the purpose of bringing aid to the

people, to be taken to wake up by themselves, and thus evolve

spiritually. As such these works were dedicated at a time of changes

in the Spiritual Universe, in which the author presented the facts

and knowledge originated in previous Reincarnations, referring to

the physical body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Him can access and make use of such knowledge prior to his last

physical birth, and can describe them and apply them even in life

force. Only that this work has a special feature unlike any other

previously written. In this the author goes further. Abandon all

your past experiences and lessons as Reincarnations earlier, and

passes through the doors of the Future, and enters the Great Void

Everlasting to include the whole. And it is from this Plan and

includes everything merges, who as Son of Light, that his writing

of the Infinite Spirit of the Times, for your gift as a way to

illuminate the paths to your future.


José Cruz


Curators Of Souls