Cult - A Memoir


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Book Description

CULT reads like a novel, yet is the testament of authentic cult experience by someone in the inner-circle of "The Context." Its purpose is to give a true taste of what it is to be in a cult so that the reader gains the inside story of cult life, along with inoculation against cult seductions. The story involves five Americans --well-educated, innocent, sensitive seekers--who move to Victoria, BC, to be close to a charismatic man professing to hold the secrets of fully realized humanity. Their ride depicts the devastating, beautiful, juicy, hyperbolic dead-end that characterizes all cults--for they all use the same tactics of seduction, initiation, endearment and purification. CULT offers an education unlike any other, a vital knowledge in our strange yet promising times.

Johan Cronje

Reading this book was like an unstoppable roller-coaster ride! Authors like William Howell are few and far between. I read this in two days and after completion felt as if I said goodbye to a friend. Simply Awesome!


Very interesting read. I can't imagine anything like that. Thanks for sharing your journey. :)

Wacera Kagunda

Almost done reading it, very captivating and insightful and does indeed help one get more information from a person who has been an insider and now looking in from the outside objectively as well as giving helpful pointers to those who would be prone to the dangers of being or joining a cult.


William Howell

William Howell has had the great good fortune to study with adepts in many spiritual traditions. Author, poet, teacher, retreat master, he lives to share what he has been given. He also has survived a diabolical cult, thereby reluctantly acquiring the d

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