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Book 1
The Crush Saga: Book 1
by Chrissy Peebles
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Chapter 1
Big Bear Lake, California is located in a lush green valley, surrounded by mountains and the towering
pines, sparkling streams, wildlife, and hidden lakes of the San Bernardino National Forest. We'd just
moved into a cute, two-story brick house along the south shore of Big Bear Lake, a beautiful, quaint little
home left to us by my grandmother when she'd passed away. She'd spent her whole life in the house
and had loved it, so my parents thought it would be fantastic to dump our city life and move out to the
smog-free middle of nowhere, where we could get lost in the peace and quiet tranquility. It wasn't the
easiest place to get to, and only three roads led in and out of the valley.
My parents loved the solitude because they were writers. My father wrote mystery thrillers , and
Mom penned romance novels. They hated the hustle, bustle, and noise of the city and were sure they'd
be better able to concentrate out in the peaceful wilderness. "It'll be a fresh start for all of us," my
mother assured me just after my bad breakup with my boyfriend, "a very healthy experience all
I wasn't sure, though, if I could so easily adjust to the simple life after living in New York City, but
once we got there, I loved the place. It was a far cry different, going from honking taxicabs and towering