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MR. MAC QUEDY. If A., being aggrieved by B., knocks down C., do you call that
standing on the defensive?
MR. CHAINMAIL. That depends on who or what C. is.
REV. DR. FOLLIOTT. Gentlemen, you will never settle this controversy till you
have first settled what is good for man in this world; the great question, de
finibus, which has puzzled all philosophers. If the enchanter has represented the
twelfth century too brightly for one, and too darkly for the other of you, I should
say, as an impartial man, he has represented it fairly. My quarrel with him is, that
his works contain nothing worth quoting; and a book that furnishes no quotations,
is me judice, no book--it is a plaything. There is no question about the
amusement,--amusement of multitudes; but if he who amuses us most is to be
our enchanter [Greek text], then my enchanter is the enchanter of Covent