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as a bachelor, roving about the country with your portfolio under your arm. I am
not fit to be a poor man's wife. I cannot take any kind of trouble, or do any one
thing that is of any use. Many decent families roast a bit of mutton on a string; but
if I displease my father I shall not have as much as will buy the string, to say
nothing of the meat; and the bare idea of such cookery gives me the horrors.
By this time they were near the Castle, and met Miss Crotchet and her
companion, who had turned back to meet them. Captain Fitzchrome was shortly
after heartily welcomed by Mr. Crotchet, and the party separated to dress for
dinner, the Captain being by no means in an enviable state of mind, and full of
misgivings as to the extent of belief that he was bound to accord to the words of
the lady of his heart.