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Credit Made EZ
Knowing what’s on your credit report is the fastest way to gain the
understanding of your current financial health. There are several
ways to get your credit report but the fastest is online access.
You can also receive different credit reports from each individual
reporting agency. I prefer the tri merge credit report it shows you the
blended results from all 3 of the major credit reporting agency.
If you are totally unfamiliar with credit you can look at the dictionary
meaning summed up as this…
A contractual agreement in which a borrower receives something of value now,
with the agreement to repay the lender at some date in the future. Also, the
borrowing capacity of an individual or company.
For more definitions go to
Credit is a very useful and necessary financial tool. Use it wisely and
exercise great caution. It can be your greatest asset or your worst
Just like the rise and fall of the Roman Empire you can rise to the top
of your financial game or become crippled by the armies of creditors
just waiting to bury you in debt.
We live in a society where instant gratification is at an all time high.
People are living so dangerously over extended that one minor
setback can be the platform for a spiraling financial ruin.
I look into people’s financial lives everyday. As a mortgage broker I
can assure you I have a great depth of understanding of credit, debt,
finance and leverage.
I’ve seen the best and the worst of times in people’s lives. I love
consulting and planning but before I can perform my duty as your
mortgage and credit advisor I must have you on board 100%.
I’ve found the best way to keep my clients is to provide them with
information. So let’s begin, as I stated credit is your biggest tool in
building wealth.