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Consider, for example, the following statement, which could have come from the sales brochure
of any number of consulting businesses:
Our professionally trained consultants have the full range of skills and
experience needed to define, build, and deliver a successful solution,
including a review of your strategic objectives, assessment of your
business, project management, system design, application development,
and systems integration. All our client projects are delivered using a
comprehensive, proven methodology based on hundreds of engagements
with major corporate clients across a wide range of industries.
The statement does communicate some important messages. It tells potential customers that the
business has experienced consultants, who use a rigorous approach to delivering ‘solutions’ to
their clients, and have a track record of success with other clients.
However, it is what this statement does not say that reduces its impact with potential customers.
Specifically, it does not:
Address any particular customer objective that the company will help its clients achieve;
Outline a specific offer that is targeted at achieving client’s objectives; or
Provide sound reasons why a client should choose this company over any of its
Having read the above statement, a potential customer would be hard pressed understanding
what solution the business offers, much less, whether it was a specific solution to their problem.
So what is missing?
three components as a minimum:
The value proposition should define the business you are in using customer-centric
wording; that is, it should describe the type of solution the business provides for its
The value proposition must clearly demonstrate that you understand the customer’s
The value proposition should outline your specific offer and pinpoint exactly how it is
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In developing or refining a value proposition, you should ensure that it incorporates the following
objective – why it is they are considering doing business with you in the first place.
that it will meet the customer’s objective.