Creating A Stress-Free Christmas HTML version

Explain to older children that while an idea list is perfectly fine they shouldn‟t expect every
new toy on the market. Kids often don‟t have a concept of just how much their wish list costs
and those asking for presents from Santa will think those toys are free. Explain to them that
even Santa has a limit, whether you choose to use space or budget, and that they‟ll have to keep
their expectations realistic.
Avoid Playing Family Feud
Often times dealing with family dynamics is the most stressful holiday task of them all. When
getting together with family don‟t pick those times to bring up or deal with past issues. While
some members of your family may drive you crazy take a deep breath and try to let it slide. If
there are certain family members that are nearly unbearable it‟s usually best to limit the time
spent with them. This may mean re-evaluating whether or not you really need to spend every
Christmas with them or if you can get away with alternating between them and others whose
company you really enjoy.
Take Time for Yourself
Getting ready for the holidays can often feel like you‟re on a mad quest to cater to everyone
else‟s needs. Taking some time for your own needs isn‟t selfishit‟s a survival skill. Don‟t‟ be
afraid to set some time aside just for you. Those who have children can pick an evening and
make it a “date night”. You can choose to spend this night anyway you wish whether that
means getting a babysitter and having a nice night out or putting the kids to bed early and just
spending some quiet time together at home. Whatever you do just be sure you don‟t spend that
time catching up on holiday tasks. For one night forget Christmas even exists and spend that
time relaxing.
Christmas Ornaments: What’s Your Style?
The Christmas ornaments you choose should reflect your decorating taste and personality. They
should also fit into the overall theme of your home and holiday theme. Whether you love the classics
or want to make a bold statement there‟s a style of ornaments suited to you.
Victorian and Antique Christmas Ornaments
Those looking to create the image of an old fashioned Christmas can easily do so with Victorian
or antique Christmas ornaments. Typically these ornaments are very detailed decorations that
often include cherubs, lace or flowers.
More whimsical ornaments might be shaped as Victorian boots or colorful birds. Another
wonderful option is to choose ornaments that look like jewelry. Gold and beaded ornaments
that resemble large drop earrings look stunning on a tree or used on wreaths and garlands.
Traditional Christmas Ornaments
Everyone recognizes snowflakes and gingerbread men as icons of Christmas. These tried and
true Christmas ornaments fit into almost any décor thanks to their popularity and, best of all,
they are very easy to find and affordable. Those who are on a budget or are worried small