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Surviving Christmas: How to Avoid Holiday Stress
There‟s nothing like the holidays to bring out the stress in all of us. With all the hustle and bustle of
Christmas you may feel you‟re in an episode of Mission Impossible. While you may be tempted not to
accept the mission at all, getting through the holidays with your sanity intact is possible if you follow
these strategies.
Make a List and Check it Twice
Old St. Nick has the right idea. To make sure all your holiday tasks get accomplished sit down
and make a list of all the things that need to be done. Include sub lists of gifts you need to
purchase, special holiday food items you‟ll need and the names of your Christmas card
recipients. The more organized you can keep yourself the lesser the chances that something
will get overlookedwhich will just compound your stress.
Now that you have your lists it‟s time for some old fashioned delegation. No one is an island
and one person in your household shouldn‟t be expected to carry out all the family‟s Christmas
to-do list either. Even young children can get in on the action helping to bake cookies, sticking
stamps on envelopes or helping with simple housecleaning duties. Older members of the family
can wrap gifts, help with Christmas decorating or tackle those Christmas cards on their own.
Many hands make light work so quit trying to do it all yourself and enlist the help of others.
Get A Team
Another option is to look outside the home for holiday help. Friends or other family members
will be going through the same holiday chaos you are so team up with them. Offer to watch any
younger children for them while they do their Christmas shopping. While you have the kids get
them all involved in a Christmas related task such as helping to bake cookies. Bake enough for
your family and the family of your friend or relative. Now switch roles and get your shopping
done while the other person takes in your children and helps get some of your baking done.
It‟s a win-win for everyone.
Shop Smart
The purchasing of Christmas gifts can often be a daunting task both financially and mentally.
Your first task should be to set a holiday spending budget and stick to it. There‟s nothing more
stressful than going into serious debt due to wild spending habits so make a solid commitment
to stick within your means.
While the children of your household will likely have a Christmas wish list as long as your arm
there‟s nothing wrong with limiting the amount of presents under the tree.