Create Your Own Website In 30 Minutes and Succeed In Google HTML version

Dear Friend,
I know how frustrating it is when you have no idea about
creating a website but need one.When you search for
information on the web you will probably find many junk
softwares,useless informations,useless e-books or people
trying to sell you something.
When you hire a web designer to create a website for you
you have to pay a lot!Also i have seen very so called
Beginner’s Guide which were far away what they
promise.Knowing these things exactly i created this e-
book for you.
I want you know that there are many e-books or training videos on the web being sold
between 45-95 $$$ which have the same content with this e-book.I am not in favour of
teaching everything for money.That’s why i publish this e-book as a free one.What you will
find out in this e-book is creating your own websites with wordpress in easy 3 steps.It’s also
called Blog-site.
Welcome To New Generation Of Websites : Blog-Site
What is a Blog-site?
A Blog-site is a website with your own domain with extensions like .com,.net,.org,.biz etc.
And also a Blog which has the power of seo-friendly,easy to use,elegant and quality features
of blogs.Web is changing every day and for me it’s one of the best improvements on the web
combining Blogs and Websites.
The system i will be telling you in this e-book is used by 22 Million People and increasing
every single day!
The system combining Blogs and Websites is Wordpress. Wordpress?Isn’t it a program for
creating blogs?Yes it is!But what you dont know is,Wordpress,thanks to its second
service,allows you to create great looking websites fast and easy.
You will find following informations in this e-book:
1. How to create great looking websites quick and easy.
2. Step by step and easy to follow instructions with images and videos.
3. All you need to create your own website.
4. From Beginning to the End.When you finish reading you will have a full running and
published website on the web.
5. You will find out secrets how to attract many visitors to your website.(Search Engine
Optimization Tips)
6. Free tools and plugins to get quality traffic.