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If you can't find an exact match domain, the next best thing is a phrase match domain.
For example: or If you are still struggling,
then you can seek a broad match domain:
Why is it important to get it right?
Along with other factors like back links and content, having the keywords or key phrase
that you want to target in your domain name is a key element that search engines consider
when trying to rank your website.
Once you understand the importance this has on your web marketing campaign you will
not only be able to get faster rankings in less time and effort, but it will also save you a
lot of money.
Don't fall in this trap!
Lots of people get seduced by the huge successes of Google, Facebook or Twitter which
all have wacky and catchy names. They then try to imitate them and work hard at creating
a "super cool" name for their websites, without giving any consideration to crucial
keywords or key phrases.
The less optimised your domain is for your targeted key phrase the harder it is going to be
to get your site ranking. So including the right keywords in your domain name is crucial
to the survival of your website.
Start creating your website today!