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Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be writing an eBook about
creating a website. Yet without hesitation I can tell you why I have
written this – FRUSTRATION.
Not-knowing-where-to-start, hair-pulling-out, going-to-bed-at-2am,
For a long time I
wanted to set up
my own home
based business,
selling products on
line. I had
researched the
subject matter
tremendously, and
understood the
concept and that a
great income could
indeed be made.
I also understood
that vital to my success, was a website. I was more than happy to pay for
a professional to help me with this, but before I did, I wanted to
understand the basics myself.
Should be easy enough, I thought. That was my first mistake. Trying to
locate a SIMPLE beginner’s guide to creating a website was like trying to
squeeze wine from a rock.
I was amazed. Such a product did not seem to exist. Sure, there were
lots of so called ‘beginners’ guides out there, many in fact, but even
these – without exception – became too complicated too quickly. Before
I knew it I was reading about html coding, DNS server settings, FTP
This was a foreign language to me.
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