Create Revenue Site in 75 Minutes HTML version

doing any work. That's not reality. You must place yourself somewhere in the midst of the
money exchange.
From this point forward, this eBook (or report) will show you exactly how to create an
interactive webpage on the internet that you can use to generate revenue. No tricks and
nothing fancy.
Getting Started: the next 15 minutes
Step 1) Create your own FREE Blogger account. Click here.
A Blog is an easy to use web site where you can share
thoughts and ideas on just about anything. It's FREE and
rather easy to use.
Once you have established your account, you can maintain
more than just one blog. You can have many blogs, each with
a specific theme and purpose. Givien this fact, there is no
need to stress yourself or worry about "what will my blog be"
right now.
Follow the easy 3 step registration process, without worrying
about what you will call your blog or which template you will
use. I will talk about the templates later on. Just pick any
template to begin with.
Step 2) Creating Your First Blog Post
Once you've completed your registration you should find yourself at a screen similar to
this. Go ahead and click on the "Start Posting" button, and we'll begin to customize your