Create Revenue Site in 75 Minutes HTML version

into buying their $50 eBook with the expectations of either working at home immediately, or
creating a home business that will explode into massive profits. Once you've spent your
hard earned money on their eBook, you will receive information in the form of an eBook
much like this one, often poorly written with shady information, and ultimately be left
disappointed you spent your money.
The Facts: The fact of the matter is, many, many people attempt to sell you "Get Rich with
My Program" information with hopes they will get rich providing you with information they've
produced (only having copied recycled information into their own words), despite the fact
they are either losing money on their endeavor or have yet to see "riches" themselves.
Chances are, they themselves purchased a "Get Rich" program which told them to sell
information to make profits. All they need to do is create an information product on a
subject (such as how to get rich), create a single sales page to promote their informational
product, and sit back and enjoy the rewards that will follow. Those people who have
inspiration and the ability to act, do it. They begin to promise you wealth and riches even
though they are not getting rich themselves. They simply hope to get rich selling you the
How do you like that? Don't get me wrong, there are some people who have earned
money online and produced an informational product after becoming wealthy, but they are
the few. It's estimated over 98% of the "Get Rich" eBooks for sale today are nothing more
than recycled junk, produced by someone who wants to get rich selling you the same
information they learned from someone else who managed to sell them on the idea.
At some point, somewhere, somebody needs to speak the truth. I created Work From
Home Facts with hopes of sharing the truth, the facts, and honest information you can use
to start a home business.
There is Hope: 1 minute refresher
Another interesting fact is, you can make money online, and lots of it. LOL - I'm not about
to contradict what I've previously stated. However, with the proper knowledge and
understanding, and with the right mindset and attitude, you can create profits in a home
business of your own. This eBook will show you how to get online free, and introduce the
very basics of creating revenue. For more detailed information about creating and
operating a home business, please visit our website.
There are a few common features in many "Get Rich Quick" programs or eBooks. The
concept of creating a webpage designed to generate profits through sales, sales leads, or
referrals. The only way a business generates money is through the sales of a product or
through the services it provides. There is no magical way of just "receiving money" without