Create Revenue Site in 75 Minutes HTML version

How to Setup a Revenue Website Easy & Free
in 75 minutes or so :p
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Introduction: The first 9 minutes
"$10,423 in 24hrs" -- "$25 - $300/hr at Home, Part Time" -- "$5k per week easily!"
Are you drawn to headlines such as these? Perhaps you should know the facts!
When I first created this eBook, it was my intention to illustrate a point. I created a simple
little advertisement which indicated you could "Start Generating Revenue Online in 90
Minutes! - FREE". I didn't want to make any extraordinary promises, but I wanted to lure
people to this eBook with the expectation that they would be able to begin generating
money online and begin a whole new career as a home business entrepreneur, after
downloading this eBook.
The Lesson: I've taken this approach to get some of you excited and to build your hopes of
earning money online the easy way. I realize, once you get this product there will be a
level of disappointment. However, be thankful it has been completely free and I haven't
charged you any money for it. May this be a lesson to some of you. There are many,
many "Get Rich" programs out there which have produced fantastic sales pages to lure you